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What is yield farming?

o Yield farming is a way to earn more $Tendie with your $Tendie. Yield farming rewards liquidity providers for forming LP tokens.

What are LP tokens?

o LP tokens are tokens that provide liquidity to AMM.

o LP tokens contain two tokens forming a “pair” that…

Howdy to all yall lovers of Tendie’s.

Your support for our project has been mind-blowing and we are proud to have YOU ride shotgun with us as we propel TendieSwap to the mewn.

On the link below, we have done our best to outline our development framework as well as…

Please find your Wallet Address in the below linked spreadsheet

*****Removed after Presale Completed*

Please send all allocations to the presale wallet:


Make sure you are sending it on the BSC BEP20 chain and only BUSD OR BNB.

Any other funds will disqualify you and will be lost. If you send on the wrong chain we are not liable for it.

The only people that will get allocations air dropped will be the ones that send their allocations to the address above.

You will receive your air drop in 1 week May 26th.

Feel free to ask for help in the telegram chat.

The Public Sale IDO will be on May 20th (Thursday at 12EST).

TendieSWAP is a decentralized exchange with several utilities ranging from ITO (Initial Tendie Offerings) to our flagship Prediction protocol.

Y’all can get all the deets on $Tendie’s by checking out our latest Litepaper here:

If you’re too sauced up to read a full paper, you can get all of the highlights below.

Prediction Protocol
· The core offering of TENDIESWAP is to give end users a platform to make…

Tendie Swap

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