Please fill the linked form below to enter $TENDIE PRESALE.


The pre-sale will be priced at $0.15. We will be doing this Pro-Rata. For example: Everyone who enter pre-sale will get a piece of $Tendie. You have to be in the telegram chat and following us on Instagram and Twitter as we will be checking that to provide the allocation.

Instagram: @Tendie.Swap
Twitter: @Tendie_Swap
Pre-Sale Tokens: 3333333 will be used for initial Pre-Sale
Lock up: There will be a 1 week lockup.

The IDO Sale will be in 2 days after Pre-sale ends at $0.165 price. The protocol will provide $150,000 in liquidity to the IDO on PancakeSwap and lean on the community to farm/provide liquidity on the protocol.

Once we decide the pre-sale allocations the winners will have 24 hours to send BUSD or BNB equivalent to what is suggested in the whitelist page to the token wallet address. In a week from that tokens will be airdropped to winners wallets automatically.

Developer Lock up: This is a fair launch for us. The developer team has ZERO tokens allocated to them. There is an allocation of $TENDIE tokens that will be used to pay for marketing or price stability if required that the community will decide. All the wallet addresses of the initial tokens will be made public and the reserves so everyone can see the movement of assets. The development team will be buying in the pre-sale just like everyone else. We get paid from fees of the prediction model and other utilities as we build them out and not by just the creation of this protocol. This is the peoples protocol and as we build out and do the marketing we get paid.

Emission Rate: We are striking it at 5 which is very competitive and should incentivize farmers to provide liquidity.

Audit: We will be getting an audit done once IDO is done.

White Paper and Website: Both will be posted soon.

We will post additional roadmaps and updates as we get them on the protocol and feature launches.

Disclaimer: This is a brand new protocol and will have significant price volatility and draw downs. There is significant risk of losing all your assets. Do your own research and invest at your discretion.