$TendieSwap Development Timeline

Howdy to all yall lovers of Tendie’s.

Your support for our project has been mind-blowing and we are proud to have YOU ride shotgun with us as we propel TendieSwap to the mewn.

On the link below, we have done our best to outline our development framework as well as provide a brief explanation on each milestone in plain English, mainly because given some of the comments in the Telegram chat lead us to believe not all of you can read above a 4th grade level ;).

While we have tried our best to give a little explanation, we are certain there will be a ton of questions. Feel free to drop by our Telegram group chat (https://t.me/tendieswap) and ask them directly. If we dont cover them there, be sure to stop into our monthly AMA’s where we will cover all of this and move in great detail.

In a post to follow (and not the near near future to set expectations) we will be dropping some tidbits of our marketing plan.

Stay tuned TendieArmy, things are about to get saucy.

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