TendieSwap — Tendie Licking Good

TendieSWAP is a decentralized exchange with several utilities ranging from ITO (Initial Tendie Offerings) to our flagship Prediction protocol.

Y’all can get all the deets on $Tendie’s by checking out our latest Litepaper here:

If you’re too sauced up to read a full paper, you can get all of the highlights below.

Prediction Protocol
· The core offering of TENDIESWAP is to give end users a platform to make bets on 1–5 min price predictions on crypto. They will bet if a price will be up or down from a locked price got from the oracle in the time span to win the pool.

· Eventually we plan on offering end users the ability to make markets and lines on a range of bets that they want to decide whether its financial markets and interest rate cuts or raises or earnings on their favorite stocks to price movement on any security. People can even make bets on the number of times Elon will tweet about DOGE or a news anchor says a specific word. The protocol will be your oysters to make any line.

· The protocol will have a lottery to win $TENDIE daily and other raffles whether it’s the $TENDIE Lamborghini or trips with the founders and parties.
Initial TENDIE Offering

· The protocol will solicit new projects that will whitelist and launch of our protocol.

Protocol VC
· We plan on building a Venture Capital platform on the protocol where we could do a community raise or use $TENDIE to invest in new projects where the returns of those projects is given back to the token holders from staking and farming. Example: A new project needs capital to build out and we can fund it for equity and any gains from it will be going back to the protocol and token holders.

· We plan on creating an internal fund where reserves can be held in native and other tokens that can be voted on by the community. Any gains from this would be given back to the community. So a community Tendie Hedge fund.
This is a community project and we will add and remove new projects as the community wants. If the community votes on a new project or idea for the protocol we will put it up for vote and get building.

The future is bright for $TENDIE. TO THE MOON WE GO!

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